Create the right meeting culture
in your team and organisation

Value Time & People

Shorter meetings with key participants needed at the right time.

Organise Painlessly

Smart, structured agendas and participant availabilities.

Stay On Track

Time tracked against agenda items to start and finish on time.

Conclude Properly

Purpose-led meetings with clear next steps: actions, owners, deadlines.

Keep Others Informed

Key minutes and actions shared to non-attendees who need the information.

Champion Feedback

Useful feedback to organisers to develop them into meeting superstars.

Introducing Meetric

Meetric is a product integrated with G Suite & Microsoft 365 to help managers better prepare, run and follow-up on in-office & remote meetings.

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Before the meeting

Start with the right agenda, invitees and time.

  • Quick scheduling: Load previous meeting agenda/attendees or use one of your meeting templates.
  • Save people's time: Invite some participants for only part of the meeting e.g. the first 10 minutes.
  • Request more information: If you're invited to a meeting, easily request a missing agenda or why you're invited.
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During the meeting

Have a healthy discussion with clear next steps.

  • Minutes taking: Collaborative notes for all participants with access to previous meeting notes.
  • Time keeping: Keep track of time against each agenda item in order to finish on time, if not earlier.
  • Voice-to-text actions: Automatically record the meeting outcome, including actions with their owners and respective deadlines.
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After the meeting

Get clear actions follow-up and a feedback loop.

  • Meeting summary: Key minutes, decisions and actions automatically shared to the participants and the relevant non-attendees.
  • Automated follow-up: Any forgotten actions are followed up automatically with each owner and higlighted to the organiser.
  • Share & get feedback: Attendees can leave anonymous feedback about the meeting, for the organiser to see and improve.
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Learn and improve

See how you and your organisation run meetings.

  • Meeting Analytics: See the % of meetings started on time, finished on time, with an agenda, with follow-up actions done, etc.
  • Meeting Cost: Keep an eye on the time and equivalent $ cost spent in meetings for yourself and other participants in the meetings.
  • Meeting Score: Unlock achievement badges based on the efficiency and participant rating given to your meetings.


Meetric integrates with most of your tools to provide an easy, painless experience.


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