Stuff discussed in meetings easily get lost, resulting in:

Extra work

To remember what was discussed in our last meeting.

Poor team work

To have to chase people to check on things discussed.

Wasted time

To discover only at the next meeting that a fraction of the things got done.

Introducing Meetric 🧑‍🚀

A tool to easily capture notes, actions & next steps for all your meetings. Unlike you, Meetric ❤️ admin work: it takes care of the sharing & chasing so nothing gets lost!

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Capturing meeting notes

All your meeting minutes in one place.

  • Involve the team (or not): Collaborate on the meeting notes with your team or just use it for yourself.
  • Know what happened: Discussion points from the last meeting are automatically surfaced.
  • Save time: Send a meeting recap to the right people in two-clicks.
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Completing meeting actions

Clear next steps with owners and deadlines.

  • Keep track of who's doing what: See all meeting actions (yours and others) in one place.
  • Never forget stuff: Get reminded on your actions before the next meeting and same for the other guests.
  • [Coming soon] Sync it: Automatically add your actions in your favourite tool.

If it's not written down, it didn't happen!

Start having more effective meetings with Meetric today.

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Coming Soon - Integrate with your favourite tools

Meetric will automatically create and sync new meeting actions in the tools you and your team use every day