Actions decided in meetings often get lost, especially when working with different teams, resulting in

Extra Work

It's extra work to keep track of all meeting actions and make sure they get done.

Poor Collaboration

It's hard to stay in sync with the meeting participants when using different tools.

Wasted Time

It's discovered only at the next meeting that a fraction of things got done.

Introducing Meetric

A tool to easily record, share and search the tasks/actions decided in meetings and automatically follow-up with participants to make sure they get done in time.

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Tracking Meeting Actions

Recording, sharing and searching actions have never been easier!

  • See past actions: Actions discussed in previous meetings and still due are automatically surfaced.
  • Dump the notepad: New meeting actions are easily recorded with a clear owner and due date.
  • Save the admin: Actions are compiled and sent to each participant after the meeting in one click.
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Completing Meeting Actions

Real-time visibility on action status so nothing is missed!

  • Automated Reminders: Timely reminders on the right actions in the proper channel (email, Slack, etc.)
  • Connected with your calendar: Action are attached to the related meetings in your calendar .
  • Synced with your tools: Actions are automatically created in your favourite tool.

Coming Soon - Integrate with your favourite tools

Automatically create and sync new meeting actions/tasks in the tools you use every day