If it’s not written down, it didn’t happen!
Notes & actions decided in meetings easily get lost, resulting in:

Extra Work

It's extra admin to keep track of what was discussed, to share it and to check on progress

Poor Collaboration

It's hard to know the status of these actions when everyone is using different tools.

Wasted Time

It's only discovered at the next meeting that a fraction of the things discussed got done.

Goodbye Google Docs... Hello Meetric 🧑‍🚀

Meetric is a tool to easily record notes, actions & next steps decided in meetings. Unlike you, Meetric ❤️ admin work: it takes care of the sharing & chasing so nothing gets lost!

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Recording Meeting Notes & Actions

Recording, sharing and searching have never been easier!

  • Dump the notepad: Notes and actions can easily be recorded in Meetric for any meeting by any of its meeting participants.
  • See past notes & actions: What was discussed in previous meetings, including actions still due, are automatically surfaced.
  • Save the admin: Notes & actions are compiled and sent to each participant after the meeting in one click.
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Completing Meeting Actions

Real-time visibility on action status so nothing is lost!

  • Set up automated reminders: Timely reminders on the right actions in the proper channel (eg. email; Slack coming soon).
  • Never lose track: See all meeting actions (your actions and others) across all your meetings in one place.
  • Sync with your tools: Actions can be automatically created in your favourite tool at the end of the meeting (coming soon).

Coming Soon - Integrate with your favourite tools

Meetric will automatically create and sync new meeting actions in the tools you and your team use every day